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Istanbul, Dubai & Umrah

Pricing based on double share room

Dates: October 9 - October 26 (Tentative)


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Start your journey where East meets West visiting and exploring iconic landmarks of the Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque and the bustling market of the Grand Bazaar of beautiful Istanbul. Next indulge in the luxury and modernity of Dubai, a city of gleaming skyscrapers and desert landscapes. Continue to the tranquil city of Madinah exploring early Islamic sites of Masjid Quba, Mount Uhud and praying in Masjid Nabawi. Finally, conclude your journey in Makkah by performing Umrah, ending your journey and travelling back home with renewed Iman.


Turkish Airlines:
Vancouver – Istanbul
Istanbul – Duabi
Jeddah – Vancouver

Local Airline TBA:
Dubai – Madinah


Istanbul: 4 Star TBA
Dubai: 4 Star TBA
Makkah: Swissotel Makkah
Madinah: Dar al Hijra Intercontinental


Price Includes

Tour Plan

Oct 8: Depart Vancouver to Istanbul


Oct 9: Arrive in Istanbul


Oct 10: Free Day


Oct 11: Free day, Jummah in Istanbul


Oct 12: Day tour of Istanbul Visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Muhammed Fatih Mosque


Oct 13: Transfer from Istanbul to Dubai


Oct 14: Day tour of Dubai


Oct 15: Day tour of Abu Dhabi


Oct 16: Free Day


Oct 17: Transfer from Dubai to Madinah


Oct 18: Free day, Jummah in Madinah


Oct 19: Day tour of Madinah


Oct 20: Free Day


Oct 21: Free Day


Oct 22: Transfer from Madinah to Makkah, perform umrah


Oct 23: Free day


Oct 24: Day tour of Makkah


Oct 25: Free day Jummah in Makkah


Oct 26: Transfer to airport, depart from Jeddah to Vancouver


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