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Umrah with Hafidh Hammadullah Q. & Sh. S. Bashir


Dates: October 8 – October 22

Final payment and last day to register is August 24th.



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🕋 *Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Renewal* 🌙

Join Hafidh Hammadullah Qazi and Shaykh S. Bashir for an unforgettable Umrah experience. 🕌 This is your chance to purify your soul, strengthen your faith, and connect deeply with Allah. ✨ Let each step in Makkah and Madinah fill your heart with peace and gratitude. ❤

May this journey bring you closer to Allah and inspire you for a lifetime. Safe travels and many blessings! 🙏✨


Departing from Vancouver


Makkah: Anjum Hotel
Madinah: Jayden Hotel

Price Include

Tour Plan

Oct 8 We will depart Vancouver for Jeddah
Oct 9
After landing in Jeddah we will collect our luggage and proceed to Makkah
Oct 10 Today we will perform Umrah
Oct 11 Jummuah in Makkah
Oct 12
After breakfast we will proceed to our day tour of Makkah. Inshallah, we will visit, Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat, Cave Hira and Jabal Thawr before returning to our hotel.
Oct 14 Free Day
Oct 15
After breakfast, we will check-out of the hotel saying good-bye to Makkah as we travel to Madinah
Oct 16 Free Day
Oct 17 Free day
Oct 18 Jummuah in Madinah
Oct 19
After breakfast, we will have our day tour of Madinah. Inshallah we will be visiting Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Quba, Mount Uhud and the Battle of the Trench before returning to our hotel.
Oct 20 Free day
Oct 21 Free day
Oct 22
We will check-out of our hotel and proceed to the airport saying good-bye to Madinah as we travel back home to Vancouver.
Itinerary is tentative



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