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2025 Hajj Registration

Please review the information below in the information section. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you will like to register and travel with Naasir Travel for Hajj in 2025 inshallah, please fill out the form below.


Number of traveller(s)


How the Hajj process works

  • Nusuk
    • The Saudi government has implemented a web platform called Nusuk Hajj to handle the registration, application and purchase of hajj services. This platform connects every person interested in going for hajj with Hajj service providers authorized by the Saudi government. Not to be confused with Nusuk which is separate from Nusuk Hajj.
  • Hajj Service providers
    • These are the companies that are authorized by the Saudi government to provide Hajj services to persons wanting to perform Hajj. Only these companies listed on the Nusuk Hajj website are authorized to provide Hajj services to persons around the world.


Why register with and what is the role of Naasir Travel if everything is through Nusuk Hajj?

  1. Roles of Naasir Travel
    1. Work with the authorized Saudi companies to act as your religious and tour guide accompanying you on your Hajj journey to Saudi Arabia, ensuring Hujjaj perform the rites of Hajj in accordance with the Sunnah.
    2. Organize groups to ensure that Hujjaj travel with the Canadian community and Imams
    3. Relay information from the Hajj service provider to the group, ensuring each person traveling is receiving information from the source.
  2. Experience
    1. Naasir Travel alhamdulillah, has been providing Hajj services for over 15 years. We understand the Saudi culture and mindset especially during the Hajj season.
    2. Sharing the experience of previous Hajj and Hujjaj can aid one in understanding what to expect when applying and traveling for Hajj.


What are the prices of Hajj 2025 and when will Nusuk be open for registration?

Once the information is available, we will be updating those registered with us.


What services are included and does it cost anything to register?

Registration is free of charge. You will be added to our group and our roles will be to act as your religious guide, tour guide and provide information as they are made available from the Hajj service provider.


What other hajj services do you provide and can you help me with my Nusuk application?

Pricing for additional Hajj consultation services will be announced once available.



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